What is Podcast Roots?

Podcast Roots is a podcast where Jeff Perry has people from the podcasting industry tell their story and get insight from them about the things they have been successful at to help others make their podcast better.

What will we be talking about?

The consists of mainly two areas, the guest’s story of how they got started in the podcasting industry, and then dive into specific topics within podcasting that my guest(s) can provide insight on.

How long will this interview take?

Most interviews take between 25-45 minutes depending on the guest(s).

What program will we be using for this interview?

I primarily use Skype, but if that doesn’t work let me know via email and we can figure out an alternative.

What do you need from us?

I just need your Skype username, a bio if you would like me to put it in the show notes, and a headshot to use on the website.