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June 8, 2016

Andrew Allemann is the host of the Domain Name Wire podcast and the creator of Podcast Guests a service for podcasters to get guests on their shows through a weekly newsletter that comes out every Monday. The service, as Andrew explains in the episode, is a lot like a similar service called Help a Reporter Out where journalists seek out experts or people connected to various topics in order to get insight, quotes, and even interviews for their stories.

Podcast Guests is a service Andrew created a few months ago to help find interesting people for his podcast, as well as create a service to provide opportunities for other podcasters to get interesting guests that fit their show’s niche. For instance, if you are looking for guests for your food podcast, Podcast Guests could get chefs and business owners in the food industry to offer their time to be on your podcast so they can provide their stories, as well as gain exposure for what ever it is they want to promote.

The service is free to sign up, and you can do so over at

Andrew is also the host of the Domain Name Wire podcast, which is a podcast dedicated to all things related to the domain name industry. Andrew commented in this episode on the rise of alternate top-level domains (TLDs) like .fm, .am, .live, .video and .audio and where these TLDs all fit in the world of podcasting and how it compares to something like a .com domain. He said that there are more and more shows getting these alternate TLDs but there still is something about having a really great .com website that can be seen as more valid or legitimate over something like .fm or .audio domains. He also explained that some people who aren’t accustomed to these new domains will invariably type your website with the suffix of .com instead of the domain you actually have.

Where to Find Andrew

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