Todd Cochrane (CEO of blubrry, Founder of Podcast Awards) – PF07

June 2, 2016

Todd Cochrane is the host of New Media Show, CEO of blubrry, and the Founder of The People’s Choice Podcast Awards and the Tech Podcast Network. In this episode Todd and I talked about the new statistics blubrry released showing where people are listening to their podcasts, The GoFundMe to rebuild the Podcast Awards’ website, and what he would change if he were to release a 2016 update to his book, Podcasting: Do-It-Yourself Guide.

One thing Todd and I talked about at length was the release of some statistics blubrry put out, and some things that podcasters aren’t doing to make their show more accessible. Some stats and things we talked about:

  •         Apple is down, it doesn’t have the 80% market share it used to, iOS has 65.9%
  •         16.9% is Android consumed, including:

o Tablets

o Apps

o Browsers

  •         17% “Other”, including:

o Windows

o Browsers

o Which means you give more value to Stitcher, who only has 3% marketshare over Android which has 17%

Where to Find Todd

·         blubrry Podcast Manual

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