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January 8, 2017

Jamie Perkins is a Web Developer and App Developer for his day job, and during his free time he is creating a podcasting app that is bringing something that many podcast fans and podcast creators feel is lacking in the space: social. With his app you can now write comments on podcast episodes, share with your friends, and see what your friends and people you follow are listening to.

Jamie talks about why he wanted this app and how he got started in making this app, which was something completely different at first. He also goes in depth about what the app currently offers and what is coming next. If you are on iOS, you can download the app for free right now at If you are not in the iOS ecosystem, have no fear because if you go to in your browser you can use the web application and still this this amazing experience listening to your favorite shows.

I ask you to try this app out, if you like it share with your friends who also listen to podcasts and get active on this platform and begin the dialogue podcasts don’t really have currently. You can follow me on over at:

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What podcast app do you use and why?

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