PF19: Defining Success in Podcasting with Dave Jackson (School of Podcasting, Ask the Podcast Coach)

September 2, 2016

Dave Jackson is the founder of School of Podcasting, host of Ask the Podcast Coach, and co-host of Podcasters’ Roundtable, and his knowledge and reputation in the podcast industry bears little to no introduction.

Jeff and Dave talk about what it means to be “successful” in podcasting, and what kind of goals will help you find success and what goals will set you up for failure.

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Show Notes

[0:24] First Podcast Experience

[3:27] Changes in Podcasting from 2005 to 2016

[4:15] How Dave learned how to podcast without the tutorials out there now for podcasters

[5:18] How Dave he thinks podcasting have gotten better

[6:40] Tascam Mini Studio US–32

[7:23] Dave talks advertising and metrics

[11:18] Dave’s email that made me want to talk about success with him

[17:01] What Dave says to people who don’t have the support they need for their podcast

[19:52] Why 7 episodes is the defining line

[23:19] When people don’t have the right success goals

[28:15] Dave’s Definition of Success

[29:55] Dave’s Original Goal in Podcasting

[31:31] “You make money from the relationship with your audience.”

[32:01] When dave changed his podcsting goals from “I need money” to “I want to help people”

[34:12] Dave talks about the atmosphere working at Libsyn

[35:09] How can someone get a job in podcasting that isn’t entrepreneurial?

[39:40] Dave talks about the power of sales and selling yourself

[41:35] When people have the wrong definition of success

[50:42] Who Dave wants on Podcast fiend and why

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